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Stories From West Palm Beach



“I’m thankful for my classmate, Angelina Perez, for pushing me to start at FCC. I’m also thankful for my mother for always believing in me and supporting my dreams. I’m thankful for becoming a MAT so I can help others. I’m also thankful for my little sister Gabriella, she’s taught me love and patience. I’m happy to be her role model. I would give back to the community by helping the youth become something of themselves through education and achieving their goals. I would also do more walks to support breast cancer, Down syndrome, and all other causes to raise money for charities.”

- Courtney M.

Medical Assistant Technician



“I do not have a New Year’s resolution because I do not believe in them. What I do have is a short term goal that I believe is actually achievable. My goal is to finally become financially stable. Over the past four years, my husband and I have had so many struggles and moved around so much that financial stability was seemingly impossible. We have hit so many rock bottoms that we lost hope for anything more than that. We are both currently enrolled in the MAT program at FCC so we can take a productive step towards being able to stay above ground this time around. We have 1 son and a daughter due within the next couple of weeks. We may have little hope, but we have a lot of determination. We are committed to this goal and are working hard to achieve it."

- Maia R.

Medical Assistant Technician


“I'm very thankful for my child. His name is Marco Junior. He was diagnosed with Down syndrome at 5 months while I was pregnant. He has taught me patience and shown me that I'm capable to overcome tough situations. I've chosen to raise him as if he doesn't have a disability, and that was the best choice I've ever made. I was told he wouldn't do most things other children would be able to. He has surprised me and his father. He teaches me things every day and I'm so grateful for him. He has now been diagnosed with a mild case of Down syndrome. I participate every year in the Down syndrome walk #TeamMarco. I'm enrolled in school because of him. I know I'm doing something good and I'm so happy to be a part of Florida Career College. Thank you for this opportunity.”

- Angelina P.

Medical Assistant Technician



“I wanted be able to show my son it doesn’t matter where you come from or when you graduate from high school, it’s never too late to go college as long as you’re happy with what you’re going for and not letting anyone stop you from what you want achieved. Mr. D is the best because he is very understanding, helpful, and makes sure his students are having fun learning the material. If you’re going through a family situation he’ll call you to let you know what you missed and also talk to you just to see how you’re doing with everything.”

- Cyerra F.

Medical Assistant Technician


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