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“I have volunteered and I absolutely love it. Growing up, I’ve seen my mother help so many people when she could barely make ends meet herself. Watching my mom help and give back really humbled and inspired me to do the same. It started off with feeding the homeless in Plant City, FL at Courier Field on Thanksgiving and Christmas, to giving clothes and toys to the kids in Dover, FL at San Jose Mission Dr. Those two experiences really made me want to go deeper into volunteering and I started taking trips to Mexico. Our first trip was truly heart-wrenching. I thank my mom still to this day for taking me to Mexico. Over the years, my family and I have rebuilt houses and fixed water lines to install water pumps, put working toilets in houses, fed, and clothed numerous deserving people. I’m extremely grateful that I am able to do things like volunteer because I know how it feels to have nothing. Volunteering really makes a strong impact on my life and I’m thankful for the people that helped me make it all possible.”

Elsa G.

Dental Assistant



“Honest answer, I don't think being a hero or having superpowers makes you better than others. I think that having an advantage in anything doesn't mean you can change the world or do good deeds for others. I truly think that having a superpower is more complex than that, it’s the willpower to never give up, no matter how easy it seems, and the passion to follow your dreams and help others to achieve theirs, no matter how far they seem. I'd love to be able to help others through something as simple as opening the door for someone who is unable. I'd love to be able to give hope and make someone smile when they lose the will to do so. I'd love to spread inspiration to be better and motivate everyone to be the best version of themselves. I know this isn't considered a superpower, but I truly think we need hope, motivation, and passion to show others they can do the same. Everyone that I have met has impacted me some kind of way. In my eyes, everyone can and is a hero if they are willing to help not only themselves, but others. I consider a hero someone that is there when someone needs motivation or just a hand that is willing to guide them when it’s impossible to find the light.”

- Yuly R.

Business Office Administration



“My career goal is to become a Registered Nurse and hopefully one day open up a center for kids dealing with drug abuse, physical abuse, and emotional abuse. I want to be able to give scholarships for kids to go to college. This is my passion.”

- Ragine S.

Medical Assistant Technician



“I get help from my teacher and classmates and it helps to keep my mind off what we have lost during this pandemic. Our teacher is very nice and helpful. I really have learned so much in the first 3 months in my schooling with Florida career college. I look forward to more learning and I look forward to being able to provide for my family in this field I'm studying in.”

- Stacy B.

Medical Assistant Technician


“What inspired me to come to Florida Career College was my 1 year old daughter. My daughter is my main priority and I want to give her everything that I didn’t have as a kid growing up. I have overcome many obstacles but I do so by humbling myself and becoming a better person by letting go of old habits and attitudes. If I kept my old attitude, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I believe deep down that if I can make my dreams come true then I could inspire other people to chase their dreams.”

- Genesis Pabon

Medical Assistant Technician



“I’ve been through hard times in the past 2 years with things impacting my record and license. I was basically down to nothing before I decided to attend FCC. In just a few months my life has been changed upside down which is a blessing, and FCC is helping to make that happen. I really enjoy the hands on experience at school and my instructors make the experience a hundred times better. They are all very knowledgeable in the HVAC field and being able to work on the actual units helps in learning. I appreciate the experience I’ve gained at FCC and met some people who have been influential in helping and preparing me for the outside world once school is done.”

- Orenthanal B. Jr.



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