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Stories From Miami


“I am proud of myself, there were times in life where I gave up and I tried to end everything. I wasn’t happy with anything I had. At this very moment, I can’t say everything is rainbows and sunshine, but I’ve just learned to deal with the clouds and rain. I have become someone that I have learned to love over the past years. I am hoping 2019 will be a great year for me. Every year brings something new to my attention. In 2019, I graduate and start my real life. I can finally say I did it. Nothing in this life comes easy, but I know I am ready to give my all so in the future I can look back and be thankful I did.”

- Tatiana A.

Medical Assistant Technician



“I chose this program because I always wanted to go to school to study medicine and eventually work in the medical field. My lifelong dream is to save lives and make a difference in them by becoming an ER trauma surgeon. When I walk across that stage to gladly thank and shake everyone’s hand that never stopped believing in me, I will proudly walk with my head held high and nothing but a smile and a good feeling in my heart. I know my mother and brother will be looking down with their faces beaming of pride. When I graduate, it will be just the beginning of many, many more accomplishments that I will achieve.”

-Millie B.

Medical Assistant Technician



“Poverty is the inspiration as to why I've returned to continue my education. And it's been one of my best decisions ever… it's the sight of my life struggling to stay afloat against poverty that inspires and reminds me every second of my life that one must make something great of themselves… education is our way out from the struggles and I'm here to prove that to myself. The professors… not only are making us actual techs, but they're also changing us as men. It's that drive that they provide that makes one not give up on yourself!”

- Franklin T.

Medical Assistant Technician


“During a tough week, I tell myself every day I can do this, that I can be someone. I’m ready for a change in life. I want to tell myself that after so many years, I finally did it. I want my diploma and certificate on my wall next to my children’s. I’m determined to get it done.”

- Ann H.

Business Office Administration


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