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“The things I love about my program are my classmates because they are always willing to explain something if I do not understand it at first. My teacher, Ms. Williams, is great at explaining the text books and is always willing to further explain something when asked. I also love that this field has a promising and growing future which makes me feel confident in my choice of programs.”

- Cory G.

Medical Front Office and Billing



“My Instructor is Ms. Olivia Winston. What I enjoy most about my instructor is that she is determined for all her students to understand the information and pass every term. She’s very knowledgeable about the program and knows what she’s doing. She teaches us real world scenarios and also gives us insight on her experience in the field. I have two classmates, Cheryl and Debrah, who started the same day as I did and will finish and graduate the same day. We've stuck together a lot during these past 7 months, we've helped each other on both classwork and studying for tests and quizzes. I look forward to seeing them both succeed to be great in whatever their heart desires after our program completion.”

- Cristal R.

Patient Care Technician


“The reason why I chose this program is because I have always wanted to work in the medical field. I love working with people, patients, and customers. My son at the age of 5 had been diagnosed with Epilepsy and then shortly after, he was diagnosed with ADHD. Now, my son was taking more medication than his own grandfather. For me, selecting and being in this program is what I needed because I want to be the one to help change lives of people in healthcare. I have dealt with a lot with my son and I want to be able to give back what I have obtained and learned. I want to lend that helping hand every day to help save lives. Being enrolled at FCC, the learning is more sincere. The instructors really want to see you make it and to not waste your time. I was enrolled in a previous school before and it was nothing like this here at FCC! FCC makes you feel welcome and the open door policy is so amazing. I’ve never had an instructor that has been available to their students around the clock! I’ve never felt the comfort that I feel at any of my past educational sites. I believe that all things happen for a reason, my whole life for my kids is going to be better than before. When I leave FCC, I will be walking into my career, not just another job!”

- Priscilla C.

Medical Assistant Technician


When I walked through the doors at FCC Margate, I was 43, apprehensive, and scared about returning to school at my age. I thought I was going to be in a classroom full of teenagers, but to my surprise, it was filled with women that were in the same situation as me. Women looking for a better career opportunity and a change in their lives. My teacher and classmates welcomed me into their circle, and soon I was making lifelong friends. I loved my new family! I helped reboot the Ambassador program alongside my new friends, the program is my pride and joy - my baby. As an Ambassador I did everything in my power to help those students who needed tutoring or just needed a friend. There will always be a place at FCC for those who wish to change their future!

- Laura G.

Medical Front Office and Billing  



"Outside of school, I love to help people. My passion for helping and maintaining bonds with other people is what drives me to work in the healthcare industry. I love to see other people get better and to know that I've helped someone in a positive way. I wish someone would've told me to just go for things that I want to achieve, to not sit around and wait for things to come, but to work for them as hard as possible. If someone would've told me or given me motivation the way the school has, I would've graduated and started another school year.”

- Bibi B.

Medical Front Office and Billing


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