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My story begins when I was a child, I always played with medicine toys that I invented because my parents did not have the resources to buy me toys. I always had a vocation for medicine. I truly discovered I wanted to assist people who were ill or simply needed help when my best friend died next to me from a heart attack. We were in Cuba, without a telephone and away from people, with no opportunity to ask for help. It was this day I knew that my life dream was to dedicate myself to the recovery and care of patients.

- Andy A.

Patient Care Technician



"A soundtrack to my life would be ‘Stronger’ by Kelly Clarkson. I’ve been through so many obstacles, ups, downs, trials, and tribulations in my life and I’m only 21. I had my first daughter at 17 and my second daughter at 18; both blessings, my reasons and every day motivations to continue to push for what I want and what I need to be for them. Being a mom is never easy, but being a young mom is even harder. I went through times where I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life or what I needed to be in order to give my kids a future. I still haven’t figured everything out, as I know that no one can say that they have. Life is a day to day process and you’re always going to face moments that you’re not sure you can overcome, but you always will. I know that I come out of every bad situation in my life winning and I know I’m forever blessed. So, yes! ‘Stronger’ is definitely the soundtrack to my life because if it doesn’t kill you, it can only make you stronger!”

- Kylee B.

Medical Assistant Technician


“I felt right at home surrounded by people who had one thing on their minds, to succeed in life. It has been the most amazing experience I ever thought I could go through. My first year there was the best and now I get to do it again for the second time and with the best team I’ve ever met. My favorite thing about my school is as soon as you walk in through the doors there is always someone who sees you and immediately greets you like if you were a family member you haven’t seen in a while. The conversation just goes from there and the next thing you know, you were in there for hours and hours just chatting away.”

- Veronica H.

Medical Front Office and Billing



"I would like to thank every person who encouraged me to keep going and not let anything hold me back from accomplishing my goals. Mr. Keys, Eddie, George, Simon, and every person at the FCC campus, thank you. As a single father raising a little girl, things were difficult but the advice and experience I gained at school were invaluable. If it wasn’t for school, I wouldn’t have the drive I do now.

- Emmanuel P.

Business Office Administration


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