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Be the Change

Florida Career College is committed to supporting racial equality.

We stand in solidarity with the African American community for social justice. 

Melissa C.

Margate Campus


(Closed Hugs And No Guns Everywhere)

Change, a simple yet complex five letter word. A word that can be taken as good or bad, regardless of the outcome. Change is inevitable and whether you like it or not there will always be room for improvement. Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of change especially those that settle for anything and don’t stand for anything. We must first accept change within ourselves in order to accept change all around us. But that’s what everyone is avoiding, nobody wants to talk about how deep the issue carries on to our everyday life. We need change now more than ever and some people still feel more comfortable with sticking to the same old routine. There’s a huge difference between want and need.

Our justice system has a lot of room for change, we the people must stand for equal rights and opportunities for all people, living and non-breathing. If we don’t take a stand for our own, nobody else will. This is what I mean by, we must first see the change in our own selves. We need a system rebuilt on equality for all races, genders, and forms of life under the sun. We will not stop, our hearts and souls will continue to move forward so that future generations can do the same. We have been forced to follow the rules and regulations made by people who would much rather see themselves succeed. I can’t believe that we are being killed in the possession of law enforcement and even first responders. The people we have given our trust in order for our own protection have been the only culprit capable of taking someone’s life away. Our people are being slaughtered by choice, by fear, by misunderstanding. Law Enforcement has been taking advantage of their power and has been hiding behind their badges. How can someone be trained to help people, serve and protect, and yet go out and end someone’s life? Our right to be a civilian is a fight that we continue to fight until this day. Our rights are being swept away right from under our nose and the only people that can do something about it are us. We must be the change on our own, we will manifest greatness into reality.

Society has normalized the mistreatment towards people of color, to the point where it is even shown in popular television and yet celebrated on holidays. The stereotypes given to us are typically shown in a negative tone and usually as the antagonist. Society accepts it as a joke, some even try to accept others' cultures but instead of respecting it, people tend to make fun of what they don’t understand. The undertones can be heard from a mile away and this has to change. We are all one, we are all our own person and we shouldn’t have to automatically get connected to something negative that doesn’t even go with the way we are. Imagine what it would feel like to not even get the decency of getting to know you first then to be quick enough to judge a book by its cover, that’s what we go through on a daily basis. Once society accepts the notion for improvement we will be able to take a step in the right direction. The world is in major need of care and attention and we should all be able to come to terms that can satisfy anyone from a personal point of view. If we can agree to disagree that we all can sit down and talk about what we can do better, even that would be a step towards success. We the people will continue to fight the injustice of our people until we all come to the simple understanding that a life is a life & nobody is worth more, we all bleed and die the same. So why get treated differently? We didn’t ask to be born the way we were born, we were given life and told to live it abundantly.

Rights are being taken away from us right underneath your nose. Even the right to belong to this country has been put on hold and fought against. There are People who fight every day just to see a better day and they don’t even catch a break. If we don’t take a stand right now while we can, we will only see it get worse. We must all stand together and allow change for the better of our future. We must support each other and help one another when the going gets tough. Let’s not forget that we’re all human and we all breathe the same.

We Are

Getting a Second


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