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Be the Change

Florida Career College is committed to supporting racial equality.

We stand in solidarity with the African American community for social justice. 

Amanda N.

Hialeah Campus Finalist

Social injustice, two words that nowadays don't even make any sense. Two words that many communities have been fighting for and see no results.  Two words that are just killing people. Social injustice. Let's stand together not apart. Let's hold hands, let's not fight each other. So yeah, what is social injustice?


We live in a world that there is no justice that we have to take justice into our own hands. That's why we use the quote “no justice, no peace” as we have to change ourselves before we can change this world. We're killing ourselves for no reason. Brothers and sisters, white, Black, brown, Indian, Chinese, and all races need to come together for justice for this world. Yes, the community that is hurting the most is the African American community. This is not the first time and will not be the last if we don't stand together for the rights of our Black sisters and brothers. We need to educate our kids, families, friends, elderlies, and newborns to not judge a book by its cover. What I mean is you can't judge a skin color as a light, brown Latina I stand up for all African American communities and all Latino communities gay communities even white communities because today was an African-American Community tomorrow can be yours so we need to stand together hold hands together without violence there's no need for violence to show how much we are worth so let's keep moving so we can be heard because I cry with you I hear you and very loud we need Justice in this world all over the world not just in the United States this message is not just for what's going on right now with George Floyd. This message is for all the people and families that we could not get Justice done for, for their loved ones in hand of those that say that they're here to help us. I'm not saying all cops are bad, but let's go and get training again. Let's educate our officers and train them to do the right thing because a little power can kill you. Let's be humble. Not all Blacks are criminals, not all whites are racists, and not all cops are bad. Ignorance comes in all colors and I will say it again…ignorance comes in all colors. I keep going on and on because this hurts me as a Latina and part of the Latino community, I see my community hurt every day. I see my community breakdown fight for our rights I see family gets separated and deported for no reason when we just come here to work and so for the African American community keep Rising  Justice will come and I can't repeat myself so many times Justice will come is Luther Martin King can do it we can do it and he stood up for your rights so I stand up today for our rights because I'm with you I can hear you I can see you I cry with you this will not stop us from getting where we need to get so we can get some justice done for not just George for all those black brothers and sisters has been killed so let's protest but then again with no violence we don't have to show them that were less we are more I'm more than them whoever that is when I say them I saved those people that don't want to stand with us to get the right thing done.


So yeah, what is social injustice...

This message is for everyone as a Latina woman. I stand with the African American community. Racism is just a word so let's stop judging and lets standing together. When you asked me to describe just one I can't because there's so many they have not have Justice yet and that we still have to fight for in the African American community in the Latino community and the gay community even the white community we need justice for all and we need to be equal and we need to stop being so ignorant and so hateful and be humble I speak with this word because I watch the news and I feel like that could be me one day and I don't want to as a new mother to become I'm scared for my child but one thing I do know I'm a educate my child to not judge to love and to Stand everyone's  right to not just close your eyes and keep on walking to stop and say that's wrong do the right thing and today I'm doing the right thing by letting everybody know my voice and letting everybody know that we need Justice and we need equal rights for everyone one and they community so yeah this is not just an African American Community fight this is everybody's fight let's stop living in the past  and let's are living in the future we can do so many beautiful things in this world if we stop this ignorance and hate towards each other .. let's just remember we are getting out of a hard time with this virus that's going on in the world why keep on hating why keep on hurting when there's people dying because of this sickness family hurting because they can't work can't provide for their families so please let's stop and let's get Justice for our rights but the right way let's not look like animals because that's what people want us to look like so we can fall and not rise.

Thank you for hearing me .... remember I hear you I stand with you my community ...

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