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Everyone has a story. Each student that walks through our campus doors has their own. Stories capture the experiences in life that make us unique individuals, and all of our students have stories that are meaningful. These student stories can help to changes lives, inspire and motivate others to build futures they are proud of. They will encourage you to never give up on yourself and to follow your dreams.

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 Latest Stories



“FCC has helped me sit and do homework together! My child asks me questions about what I’m doing and learning so I get to pass information to them that I didn’t know before! We all study together! It’s given us more bonding time! It’s also helped cause once I’m done with the program I'll be in a better situation for them! This will also show my children no matter how old you are as long as you’re willing focused and determined then you can have a better life!”

Sheela C.

Medical Assistant Technician


"First I gave it my all. Second I didn't take no for an answer. Third, when things got hard and I felt like giving up, I reminded myself that if I didn't do this today at this very moment I may not get the opportunity to try again. Failure was never an option, and to be honest, life has been awesome. I love my school Florida Career College, I'm also a Federal work studies student employee. So after school, I'm off to work for 6 hours then homework to my beautiful kids. To sum it up it's been a great experience. With the knowledge I have learned from my school I'm able to be a successful entrepreneur, an awesome individual, and a great employee." 

De'Carlo D.

Computer Network Technician



“I’m feeling great, because I know I’m going to accomplish something no one expects me to accomplish. I’m finally going to make something out of my life. I’m doing ok despite all of the obstacles I’m facing each and every day. I'm still moving forward, still focused. I came from New York City where I was homeless and alone. After divorcing my kids’ mother, I went a while without seeing my kids… I had no job and nowhere to go… I work odd jobs here and there, always thinking about my kids… I attempted to return back to school, but with all I was going through, I could not focus on school… My father passed away, and I never got to see him because I was living on the streets of NYC. The day after he passed away, standing in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, I promised myself and my dad that I would do whatever it took to get off the streets and get my life together for my kids and that I would do something with my life to make him proud. A few weeks later, I called my mom and asked if I could come to Florida and stay with her while I go back to school… “Never give up” is what I tell myself every day. I will not quit. I shall graduate in March, and when I do, I have so many people to thank... I am 48 years old and at times I have to look back and remember the most difficult times in my life to motivate me to keep pressing, and it works for me. I encourage any student at FCC to not let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. Keep moving forward no matter how hard it seems.”

- Hendricks R.

Medical Front Office & Billing



“My ultimate goal is to become financially stable so I can provide for my family while doing what I love. I am the only person in my family to ever attend a college program and I am trying to prove to my kids and my brothers that anything can be achieved as long as you put your mind to it!”

- Katie C.

Medical Assistant Technician



“Keep your head held high and finish with a strong hit! Don't give up because, at the end of the day, this is for YOUR future and for YOU to be successful. If you ever need help or have a question, go to the staff because they are there to watch you succeed and will show you the right way. The ability to help others is the best! You will be a HERO like the doctors and nurses are at this moment of crisis. To be able to put a smile on people’s faces and know that you are doing the best that you can for them. We thank all the medical staff for their support and commitment. That will be us when we graduate.”

- Marisa O.

Medical Assistant Technician


“It’s never too late to accomplish your MAT career! I am 30 years old trying to accomplish my medical career. I'm a mother of 3 children and just want to succeed in life, have better opportunities. It is double the work, but at the end, it’s going to pay off and I will feel very accomplished.”

- Cynthia S.

Medical Assistant Technician



"Balancing work and school is stressful when you're helping out your family, but my advice is to keep moving forward. Don't let anything hold you back from the goals you have in life and this college will help you reach those goals you have and make you a better person. I am still new to this college and the people here are very friendly and the environment here is like you’re part of a big family that cares about the people.”

- Frislene S.

Business Office Administration



“I have volunteered and I absolutely love it. Growing up, I’ve seen my mother help so many people when she could barely make ends meet herself. Watching my mom help and give back really humbled and inspired me to do the same. It started off with feeding the homeless in Plant City, FL at Courier Field on Thanksgiving and Christmas, to giving clothes and toys to the kids in Dover, FL at San Jose Mission Dr. Those two experiences really made me want to go deeper into volunteering and I started taking trips to Mexico. Our first trip was truly heart-wrenching. I thank my mom still to this day for taking me to Mexico. Over the years, my family and I have rebuilt houses and fixed water lines to install water pumps, put working toilets in houses, fed, and clothed numerous deserving people. I’m extremely grateful that I am able to do things like volunteer because I know how it feels to have nothing. Volunteering really makes a strong impact on my life and I’m thankful for the people that helped me make it all possible.”

Elsa G.

Dental Assistant



At the Florida Career College (FCC) graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020, Yliana was among the proud graduates celebrating not only her diploma, but also a rewarding new job. She was just hired at FCC Orlando as a Customer Service Coordinator.


“It’s been difficult sometimes because I don’t have my family out here,” Yliana said. “But at Florida Career College I found the type of support you’d get from family. That’s made all the difference. The opportunities and doors that have opened for us in Orlando make us feel really blessed.”

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“I get help from my teacher and classmates and it helps to keep my mind off what we have lost during this pandemic. Our teacher is very nice and helpful. I really have learned so much in the first 3 months in my schooling with Florida career college. I look forward to more learning and I look forward to be able to provide for my family in this field I'm studying in.”

- Stacy B.

Medical Assistant Technician



“We are all here because something or someone motivated us to be here. In this time, it seems difficult, so we lose focus of why we are here. I would encourage and implore my fellow schoolmates to push through these horrible times because we will set the trend for the next generation to come when we pull through this and come out on top. We will be the best of best and make a difference everywhere because we will be unstoppable in our success. I envision that I will change people's life for the better with my career. I see me in a successful medical career in geriatrics and pediatrics. I will welcome each and every soul at the beginning of their lives and I will comfort them at the end of their life. I will be that shoulder for them to cry on, the hands that will hold them, and the ears that will listen to their every need.”

- Shauna-Kay D.

Patient Care Technician



“The useful advice I wish someone had given me earlier was to always continue to move forward, especially in trials and pain. Many things we face may break you down, cause you to struggle, and fall. Other times, it may be more manageable, but most importantly, there is a light! The light will lead the way to the passion of your heart! In a world full of constant change, there is one thing that will remain the same....your vision!”

- Iris T.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning


“I have been with FCC for 5 months and I am absolutely lost for words on how well I have been doing in my Business Office Administration class, making President’s list has been an honor and a huge accomplishment for me. This makes me strive to graduate. I have never in my wildest imagination thought that going back to school 20 years later I would be where I am at. I am thankful for the school and teachers who continue to help me every day. I love how everyone is so nice and helpful, their doors are always open for any questions or help you may need. I am so happy that I made a decision to come to this school. I want to say thank you to everyone at the Miami office for always being there for me. You guys have really helped me change my steps in life.”

- Ann H.

Business Office Administration


My story begins when I was a child, I always played with medicine toys that I invented because my parents did not have the resources to buy me toys. I always had a vocation for medicine. I truly discovered I wanted to assist people who were ill or simply needed help when my best friend died next to me from a heart attack. We were in Cuba, without a telephone and away from people, with no opportunity to ask for help. It was this day I knew that my life dream was to dedicate myself to the recovery and care of patients.

- Andy A.

Patient Care Technician

quote 1.png


“I plan on working in one of the top pediatric hospitals or medical offices that provide not only psychiatric needs, but other medical needs as well. I have always had the ambition to not only make a difference in my generation, but generations yet to come, and I figured the only way to do that is through everyone's mental and physical health. I am most proud that I met every goal that I have set in play to make my time at FCC one to remember. Goals such as making Presidents list every module… joining the Ambassadors club, and… I eventually became president of the club as well. I love my position and this club because I realize that my voice is loud and it shows in the action I took to make things better in my school .”

- Johnte T.

Patient Care Technician



"My biggest fear before I started school was actually being independent and keeping up with all the responsibilities I would have as an independent individual. The idea of failing also scares me too. The fear of knowing that you weren't right for the opportunity because you messed up or made a mistake somewhere, that's my biggest fear. I believe that the idea of a situation getting better is what keeps me going through a tough week. Just the thought itself. No matter how bad things can get, there is always someone that has it worse than you. It seems kind of messed up, but that idea gives hope knowing that things can always get better.”

- Tyrone K.

Business Office Administration



“Take your time, study, and go to school daily. Plan out your meals for school, work, and lunch. Plan out family time and time for homework, just remember you can do it. Anything worth having is worth fighting for, and it will all be worth it in the end! I was going through a bad divorce after 20 years and had just lost my job. I was lost! It was just me and my son, and my son was acting out in school and at home because of my divorce. I didn't know what to do! But then, I said I need to go back to school and get my high school diploma. After doing over 15 years in the retail industry, it was time for a change. Thanks to FCC, I'm now a high school graduate. Plus, I graduate in September. I never thought I could do it if it weren’t for the teachers and classmates. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and the help from FCC and my teachers for helping me accomplish my goals this late in life and making me a better person!”

- Juaquina W.

Medical Assistant Technician

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